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The world is not stationary, so why should your ads be?

LytAds is using technology to modernize Out of home advertising by adding high-resolution smart screens mounted on top of public transport vehicles.

Our high-impact advertising media platform gives brands a cost effective and eye catching way to reach and engage with a range of diverse target audiences, throughout the city.

Car With LytAds Taxi Top LED Screen

Make the most of your
advertising budget.

LytAds is street-level digital screen media platform. We install best in class LED Screens on top of taxis and rideshare vehicles to deliver dynamic content for brands based on real-time triggers like location, time of day & week, weather, events, and other insights from third party integrations.

Scale & Coverage

Scale & Coverage

Hypertargeted, Dynamic Content Delivery

Hypertargeted, Dynamic Content Delivery

Smart Analytics and Reporting

Smart Analytics and Reporting

Unmatched Screen Resolution

Unmatched Screen Resolution

Our Clients

We're nothing without our clients,
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We are cab branding specialists.

We help brands execute high impact & cost effective ad campaigns by using cabs as a canvas to tell their story

Wrap2earn allows you to mobilise your Ads to capture the audience of an entire city. Your brand is exposed to a varied audience across demographics, connecting you with potential customers who have an intent to purchase. This frequency builder media has proved to have high brand recall value.

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